Pier 1, a solo show by Michael Assiff. From September the 8th to October the 8th, 2017. Opening September the 7th, 2017.

Imagine entering the abandoned set of a science fiction B movie. The scene depicts a foreclosed strip mall store called The Silk Road where rare antiquities trafficked out of conflict zones cross over the twilight in order to meet their mass-produced counterfeits. And even though there is plenty of evidence around the shoot to warrant a forensic analysis, it is not easy to immediately determine either the cause of the bankruptcy, or as to why the film shoot was suddenly stopped...

Upcoming exhibitions

Eric Baudart
October 14 - November 25, 2017. Late Opening October the 19th, 2017.

Art Fairs
FIAC, Grand Palais, Paris.
October 19-22, 2017.
NADA, Deauville Hotel, Miami Beach..
December 7-10, 2017.